"I have been in so many dealerships over the years and none of them compare to this one. Service is great and most importantly the staff is super friendly. I like this dealership so much I drive an hour and a half out of my way just to give them my business. this is the second machine I have purchased thru them and the experience just keeps getting better. So thank you so much for putting me in my new RZR with ease, Ive been wanting one for about 4 years now and you guys made it happen. thank you and I would recommend you to anyone and everyone I can."
- Josh Sanders - Blythewood, SC
"Worked with Vicky at Team Carolina on the purchase of a 2014 Polaris Ranger 900. Beautiful machine. I have had a 500 for some time, but wanted to step up. The new one is far superior. Vicky and the team at Team Carolina did an awesome job working to get me the best deal possible. Most everyone else was out of 2014's and wanted to sell me the 15 for $1000 more. They all said they could not find a 2014. Vicky and the team found one out of state, shipped it in, and had it accessorized and ready to go in 3 days. That included a Sunday. Can't say enough good stuff. Pricing beat everyone, service and sales too. Way to go Team Carolina. You got a new customer."
- Anonymous
"It was a great buying experience. We worked the entire deal out over the phone and nothing changed on us. The price was the price when I went to pick my RZR1000 up. I heard the add on the radio about come see the "Queen Of Powersports" and at first I laughed but it was true Vicki knows her stuff and now I know why they gave her that nickname. Sorry Vicki I had to say it cause I know how red your face turns when they tease you about it."
- Dan - Statesville, NC
"Vicki was a pro from the first moment we walked into the showroom and throughout the process. She kept me informed all along the way from ordering the G3 Angler from Yamaha to its delivery. When the Charlotte Boat Show caused a delay in setting up the boat at sister dealer Wher-Rena in Cornelias, NC, Vicki had the closing paperwork delivered to Wher-Rena and saved me a trip to Lancaster. Now THAT is customer service!"
- Mickey - Charlotte, NC